Analogue Coverage: Frankenstein's Wedding - Live in Leeds

In March of this year, I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to go to the beautiful Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds. Not only to watch the live filming of Frankenstein’s Wedding to go out live on BBC, but also to take part as a wedding guest!!!

Credits: kneehigh85

On that cold evening in March 2011, ten thousand people or thereabouts, all local to the Leeds area, piled into a field beside Kirkstall Abbey, dressed in posh dresses, bow ties, and so on in order to be “guests” at the staged wedding of Dr. Frankenstein and his bride (played by Lacey Turner from Eastenders).

Credits: kneehigh85

It was set up a bit like a festival stage, with beer tents and food stalls at the back. And just in front of the abbey there was a huge stage, with entertainment on throughout so that we didn’t get bored whilst waiting for the filming to begin. Some of the scenes had been filmed around Leeds earlier on in the day and evening, but we were here to be guests at the wedding. The wedding took place in the abbey so we were all to watch on a big screen outside. Then the reception took place on the stage right on front of us and going out live on the BBC. We all had to learn a dance to Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love,” which was a right laugh in a field with thousands of other people and barely enough space to get your arms out! Then, they did a flash mob type photo thing where we all had to shoot a picture at exactly the same time, which looked brilliant when I saw it back on TV.

All in all, this free event was great fun to be a part of, and I feel lucky that we were there. When I watched it on TV afterwards, it didn’t look all that professional. At the time it was a real laugh, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part.

Credits: kneehigh85

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