Three Lives and Company


Three Lives is one of those bookstores that book-lovers dream about.

Good, independent bookstores seem to be a dying breed in New York, but Three Lives has maintained its delightful presence in the West Village since 1968.

Inside, the store feels like a living room, or the library of a really cool, well-read friend. Everybody who works there is always nice and helpful. Unlike employees at some of the bigger, chain bookstores, you get the feeling that the people at Three Lives have actually read the books that surround them.

The tables around the store are set up with a selection of books they think their customers would (or should) like. It’s sort of a curated bookstore.

If they don’t have the book you want, then they’ll order it for you and make sure you get it. Even if it’s just to browse their selection or get suggestions for books, you should definitely check out Three Lives!

154 W 10th St
New York, NY 10014

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  1. citizenserased
    citizenserased ·

    Wish I could go here one day and maybe live there forever! Hehe It's a dream place!!! *glaze eyes*

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