Strand Bookstore

If you love books, then you’ll love Strand, one of New York’s greatest independent bookstores.

Strand opened in 1927 on 12th and Broadway in a neighborhood that used to be all bookstores, but now it’s the only original one left. It took its name from a street in London, known for publishing.

There are books covering nearly every surface of the store, from the ground to the ceiling, and even the walls outside the store. They proudly advertise that they have over 18 miles of books, though I’ve always wondered how they measured that.

They have an incredible collection of rare, used, and out-of-print books. My favorite part of the store is the art section upstairs (what can I say, I like picture books). From photography (even lomo books) to painting, fashion, landscape, and graphic design, they have pretty much everything, and way cheaper than any of the chain bookstores.

Despite the insane number of books in the store, the turnover is pretty quick. If you see something one day, it might not be there the next, so be decisive!

I’ve always heard complaints that Strand employees are notoriously snooty, but I’ve been lucky enough never to have experience that. Hopefully neither will you!

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