Villa Savoye


Villa Savoye is one of Le Corbusier’s most famous buildings and demonstrates his Five Points of Architecture.

In the 1920’s, Le Corubusier and Pierre Jeanneret designed Villa Savoye in Poissy in keeping with Le Corbusier’s Five Points, his manifesto on new architecture.

It was built as a country home for the Savoye family in 1931, but was almost destroyed after World War II. In 1965, the building was designated as a French historical monument. After years of renovation, the building is now open to the public for visits.

Every detail of the building’s design was completely and thoroughly thought out. The floor plan was created by using the golden section and each room and angle of the building was oriented around the position and view of the sun. Following the second point of his Five, the roof was designed to be functional in addition to being structural, “serving as a garden and terrace, reclaiming for nature, the land occupied by the building.” One of the most interesting features is the curve of the building within the support columns – curved perfectly for a car to drive around and park in a covered spot. Another nice feature is the built-in glass tile bed attached to the tub in the master bathroom. In every room of the house, there are beautiful details like these that make the building so impressive.

For architecture buffs and amateurs alike, making the trip to the outskirts of Paris is well worth it for a glimpse of this Corbusier gem.

Villa Savoye
82 rue de Villiers
78300 Poissy

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    I've always wanted to go see this and Ronchamp.

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