RECAP: Summer Spool @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy


Summer school not your thing? I think we may have something for you!

Welcome to Summer Spool, where we learn about all things film! Class was
held on Sunday July 10th at our Lomography Gallery Store in Gramercy, and
students eagerly attended to have engaging discussions about every aspect
of film. What makes black and white film versus color film? What is the
difference between color negative film and slide film? What exactly is
film, anyway?

We discussed it all, from ISO/ASA film speeds to whether or not we can
cross-process negative film the way we do positive film. From infrared
film to redscale film, from what causes grainy photographs to how we can
achieve high contrast photographs versus a greater tonal range. We talked
about the chemistry behind creating the mysterious colors in differing
films, and why we might choose one film over another in different lighting
situations or for what effects we would like to achieve. And of course,
how do we get those amazing crazy colors that we see on all of the LomoWalls!

We took our knew knowledge and first decided if we wanted to shoot 35mm or
120mm medium format, knowing the pros and cons of each and their differing
effects on our final films. We then decided what film to shoot; perhaps a
slide film that turns citrus green when cross-processed, or a low speed
black and white to capture the bright sunny day.

We headed over to Madison Square Park and captured the lines to the Shake
Shack, and rainbows in the fountain. All in all, we learned that while
summer school may not be ideal, Summer Spool is right up our alley!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC
106 E 23rd Street NYC 10010


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  1. jodimeetdiana76
    jodimeetdiana76 ·

    Thanks for another great workshop!

  2. ninjagirl9
    ninjagirl9 ·

    Had so much fun!

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