Travel-tip: Miniature Wonderland Hamburg

Take your close-up lens and your LC-A and hurry off to Hamburg.

The miniature wonderland (in German “Miniatur Wunderland”) in Hamburg is a top lomo-location!

The miniature wonderland is housed in the beautiful “Speicherstadt”.

After a little waiting and 12€ entry the fun can begin…

The wonderland, sorted in different subject areas. The alps, a skiing area, the airport, the stadium of a local soccer club, the grand canyon, a concert with 20,000 (!!!) visitors, which really show off their better advantage by night.

Keep your eye on the many small details…

After quite a while and many impressions, we made our way home again…

written by caroni on 2011-07-14 #places #location #hamburg-lc-a-lomo
translated by illy

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