Looking for a weekend with hiking, swimming, relaxing, hang gliding, sunbathing? Hurry to Marquartstein!

The lovely village of Marquartstein can be found in the German region called “Chiemgau” and therefore offers the whole package:

Go hiking on top of the mountains, feel like Heidi and gaze at the Chiemsee from the top. Spend a touristic day at the huge Chiemsee and “float” with the crowd. Take the chairlift to the mountain Hochplatte and admire courageous hanggliders jumping into the abyss. Enjoy the sun reading a nice book in rural calmness. Cool yourself at the best spot for hot summer days – “Reifinger Weiher” – and join the locals.

In short:
Come to Marquartstein, it’s worth it!

written by illy on 2011-07-13 #places #mountain #lake #sun #relax #location #berge #bayern #bavaria #sonne #chiemgau #chiemsee #escape-from-the-city
translated by illy

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