Landmark Pepsi Cola Sign

This bright red neon sign has been a familiar sight along the East River since 1936 when it was installed on top of Pepsico’s Hunters Point Bottling Plant.

The sign (which measures 120 feet long), was designed by Artkraft Strauss Sign Corporation, and originally crafted out of galvanized steel.

After the Hunters Point Bottling Plant closed in 1999, and was later demolished, The Landmarks Preservation Commission made sure that the sign would remain, though it disappeared for some time before finally being reinstalled along the newly-renovated waterfront.

Despite the growing number of generic looking, glassy condos that are rising behind it, the sign is an important visual reminder of a quickly fading New York. Every year, beautiful examples of vernacular lettering like this one are being destroyed and forgotten. Fortunately, because of a deal with Pepsico, and its landmark status, this sign won’t be fading anytime soon.

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