Taking it Outdoors in NYC: Bryant Park

Life spent in an office all day can get pretty grim. When the weather in New York starts to warm up, and the onset of spring seems inevitable, public parks begin filling up with office workers on their lunch breaks trying to savor as much outside time as possible. One of the best parks for a quick trip outdoors is Bryant Park.

Although it’s not very big (about 9.5 acres), there’s always plenty to do there. While most people use it as an unofficial outdoor lunchroom, there are organized events, too. In one corner of the park, you can find old men playing a game of bocce, or using the ping-pong tables, and in another, you can find people riding or watching the carousel. On summer nights, the park hosts free movies, where you can bring a blanket and picnic and watch a classic film under the stars. Since the library is right next door, you can borrow a book and sit and read it outside. It’s hard to imagine that the always crowded Times Square is just a few blocks away.

Otherwise, you can just find a chair on the beautiful lawn, have a seat, and watch people watching people. There are so many people off in their own world, that it makes it a perfect place to use a lomo camera to take some portraits on the sly.

Whatever it is you’re doing, on nice days, it’s just wonderful to be outside!

Bryant Park
40 West 40th Street
New York, NY 10018

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