Kodak Ektachrome 400X EPL (120, 400 iso) user-review


Snaps in the Dark! Kodak Ektachrome 400X EPL (expired 2005)

Snaps in the Dark! Kodak Ektachrome 400X EPL (expired 2005)

I have been an avid fan of the Diana+ camera, and like most here in the society, I started using negatives in different speeds for shooting. Then after a while, after a few rolls of film and parties or get-aways, after the new friendships online or in meet-ups or just even googling, we learned the dirty tricks of cross-processing with slides, and through the process, its true nature.

It’s been almost a year now since i’ve known medium format photography through the Diana+, and in the Philippines, a 400 speed slide film is rare. Well, probably something I’ve never seen before. And so in the Lomomanila forums a guy named Vince who goes by the name digitalscribe posted some expired Ektachromes with 400 ISO up for sale. By that time I was just starting to understand how cross-processing works and one film stunned me with its flexibility, the Ektachrome E200, and now.. a 400 Ektachrome!?! These were just 5 rolls and i knew I had to try it. So that day itself, I dropped by his place and picked up the films right away before someone else does. A lovely roll of Ektachrome in 400 speed film ain’t it? And so i had to try it in a party at night at a friends house.

Being a fan of Ekta’s, as me and my brother call it, this film just amazed me yet again. The grain is there and i love it, very smooth texture, the skin tones are warm and beautiful, I shot some of me and my girlfriend’s mosaic and the colors are vivid!

This film is not as wild and unpredictable as the Fuji’s, and yet it still amazed me with the truest colors and skin tones it brought out from my shots! I guess these Kodaks are my kinda thing! Check em out!

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  1. chuo104
    chuo104 ·

    Great album!

  2. biodegradable
    biodegradable ·

    Thanks chuo104!

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    I love #13!
    The guy on the vest

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