The Old Glen House, Shipley, UK

Once you have trekked around Shipley Glen near Bradford, UK and you need to sit down for a rest with a cool pint of beer then The Old Glen House Pub is perfect.

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Shipley Glen is a very picturesque place for an afternoon out. The one problem however is that the tramline is run by volunteers and as a result, is not always open. The hill from the bottom to the top of the Glen can be a bit of a killer (I am sure it is almost at a right angle to the land below!). When you get to the top and all you can think about is a nice cold drink, there you can find The Old Glen House Pub. Under new management, I think this pub have got things so right for where they are. The drinks are not too overpriced and there are lovely benches in a little courtyard outside.

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The food however is worth writing about! We only went for lunch so I haven’t even looked at the evening menu but the lunches are really reasonably priced (around £6-7), you get huge portions, it is all super well-presented and came with lots of lovely touches that other pubs wouldn’t even think about. Dave had mussels, of which he got a bucket-load! They came in a lovely wine sauce and home made chunky chips and a huge piece of home baked carrot and orange bread! I had a pork and apple sauce open sandwich, again this was on home made granary bread, toasted with chips, dressed salad and a little cup of tomato and basil soup! It was all very nice and I would recommend this cheap but lovely gastro-type-pub to any visitors.

Credits: fletchinski84 & kneehigh85

There is also an Old Glen Cafe which seems to be attached to the pub and this sells cold drinks and ice cream and again has its own little seating area. The only thing to note is that the pub will be closed from middle to end of July for major refurbishment work. I only hope that they don’t change the menu when they re-open!

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