Kodak Ekatchrome E100S (Expired): Cool but Crazy

In the recent market, we have 3 choices for Kodak Professional Slides from the Ektachrome 100 series. It includes E100VS , E100G and E100GX.

However, have you ever tried the E100S, which has been out of production for a long time? It’s lucky that the admin of the photography forum I always discuss on has found a dead stock of expired E100S, which was kept in good condition. With a good price, I couldn’t wait to get them and “taste” them. As I really want to know its real character, I made an adventurous decision: Test this slide film which expired in 2004, mainly under night or indoor condition, to test the real color of the film base!

I went to Hong Kong Times Square first:

Then I visited the LCX Causeway Bay, as Martin Cheung has organized a Pinhole Photography Exhibition there:

Sometimes, the color tends between blue and green. Between the cold XPRO color tones, it gives an unusual crazy feeling. It also shows the yellow lighting or the light beam from external natural lighting.

As it’s expired already, I can put down the concept applied to fresh slide after XPRO: higher light sensitivity, easily got overexposure. I can try multiple exposure more freely than in the past. I nearly forgot how many times did I pull the MX button of my LC-A+ to finish this roll of the slide!

And, the testing in my daily life:

Want to have crazy color tone, extremely abnormal-looking photos at night or indoors, and get carefree on ISO settings for multiple exposure? It should be a great experimental slide film!

I didn’t take a lot of outdoor photos with this roll, but one to two photos make me believe that the result of photos taken outdoors should be greatly different from the conditions I mainly tested on. Let’s me accept its challenge for outdoors, and share the results with everyone later!

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