Hermitage Museum


My second all-time favorite place is definitely The Hermitage Museum. I worked there for three years and had the opportunity to have regular breaks for traveling. But this place will always remain close to my heart! It’s big, simply gorgeous, and very diverse!

It’s always a pleasure to shoot here. Some rooms are illuminated by natural lights – with no electricity or candles, and during winter or spring, and on rare sunny days, I used to “Lomo-hunt” for sun spots: on the furniture even the floors. My other eternal addiction will always be the marble floors of the Winter Palace! You can’t find two similar floors there. Never! They all are all different together along with the walls and ceilings! It really is mind blowing!

I also love the Italian sculptures and of course guard ladies. In every hall there is one old lady guard who sits there and makes sure that you do not touch anything. Some of them are real fashion freaks who were amazing vintage clothes and dolled up with makeup. Wicked! If you are interested in paying it a visit, it only costs 1.7 euros (yes, it’s possible) to get in.


written by neja on 2008-05-09 #places #art #culture #nightlife #location

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  1. neja
    neja ·

    it's weird.... why the 1st picture is from Cape Town? and, there used to be more images when I wrote this article ages ago....
    also, tags say nightlife for some reason....

    How can I fix it?????

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