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One of my favorite places in all of Raleigh is Father & Son Antiques. If you’re a vintage-addict like me, you’ll fall in love.

Ever since I moved to the Raleigh area, I’d heard things from my friends about this awesome vintage store downtown called Father & Son. After a year of hearing people go on and on about how awesome it was, I finally got to go. My life changed forever. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it’s still an awesome store.

Father & Son (as we all call it) is in a great place: downtown, near great restaurants like The Raleigh Times (a restaurant and bar, not a newspaper), the capitol building, the RBC Performing Arts Center, and most of the easily-accessible parking. Wit 4 floors full of “junk”, the sheer amount of stuff in Father & Son might blow your mind, but a calm mind and a clear picture of exactly what you’re looking for will set you straight. While there isn’t an official guide, the table of contents for each floor might look something like this:
Basement: winter clothes, old costumes, old video game consoles, antique photographs and posters
Ground Floor: antique furniture, turntables, sunglasses, shoes
Second Floor: shirts, dresses, used formal clothing, records, home goods
Third Floor: odds and ends, artists’ studios, art for sale

Yes, that’s right, not only is it a vintage store, it’s also a place to rent a studio (if you’re an artist), and a place for you to buy their work (each studio is also a miniature gallery). Also, you can often find cameras and lenses laying about, although be wary of their condition. I’ve found very good condition Polaroid Land Cameras, and I’ve found 1908s point and shoots that were totally ruined by battery corrosion. Just keep your eyes open, they pick up new things from estate sales and yard and garage sales every day and things rotate quickly. There are always strange things strewn about the store, and as a lover of coming upon things versus setting up shots, it’s absolutely wonderful! Bring a flash for your camera, though, it’s not very well lit. If you’re ever around 107 West Hargett Street, pay them a visit!

Cameras used: Holga 120FN, Holga 135BC, Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

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