Clean and Green in Makati Schools


The City of Makati does not only boast being a premier financial district of the Philippines, but also the provision of education to all levels — from grade school to college — which is a big help especially to low income families. These public schools advocate and practice cleanliness and greenery, so the students will learn the importance of taking care of the environment as well as their health.

I have lived almost my whole life in this city, but only understood the city further when I started to work for the city government since three years ago. One of my tasks is to take part in the Clean and Green Committee. It is a project that concerns all villages (or locally known as barangay), schools, police stations, and fire stations under the local government unit to practice cleanliness and greenery in their areas. The committee body is divided into seven teams and does a quarterly inspection. Those with the highest rating per sector gets an award.

It’s been twice that I have been assigned to inspect schools. Schools in the city are divided into Districts I and II. This year, our group inspects the latter. There are 21 schools in District II alone. Not all the schools look alike. Well, almost ‘structurally.’ Some schools are newly built and have already lots of greenery to begin with. It is just a matter of sustaining. Other schools have been running for the longest time. As far as I know, they are scheduled to be be renovated or reconstructed. Even if the school is old, they are still able to cope with the new schools. All schools have many environmental programs such as climate change awareness raising, tree planting, and practice of 3Rs among others. They are also health-sensitive.

I decided to take pictures with my LC-A+ and Blackbird, fly to capture the dedication of the school staff and students. Honestly, the project is not fully well-received but all the participants do practice cleanliness and greenery with or without the project.

There are so many students which makes me glad that their parents do want their children to be properly educated. Whether or not a school is too populated, children are still welcome as long as they fulfill the school’s requirements.

Education is an important foundation of a child and it is a privilege that these children has access to it. Is education easily available in your area and do they advocate environment and health concerns?

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    olen ·

    Astig! I hope we have more Pinoy articles in the near future.

  2. sgurd4
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    Thanks, @olen, for reading. :) I hope so too.

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