Class Meets Class: Louis Vuitton and the Lubitel

Classy Louis Vuitton has found its classy camera counterpart in our very own Lubitel+.

In the summer issue of MEGA, one of the Philippines’ most read fashion magazines, a Lubitel is brandished by a Louis Vuitton-clad model for its fashion editorial feature.

The feature highlighted the dry season by shooting against a sea setting, with a beautiful, lithe and impeccably dressed woman to play the “accidental tourist.” As fashion editorials go, this one was especially directed for a specific collection: the Louis Vuitton 2011 Cruise.

The signature collection being described as chic is anything but a surprise. The same may not be immediately said of the camera, but to do so wouldn’t be shocking either.

And besides, with the Lubitel ’s sleek body and old-worldly charm, it was only a matter of time before it wound up on a high-end fashion spread.

written by sleepswimming on 2011-07-06 #news #philippines #lubitel #lomography #louis-vuitton #news #mega #2011-cruise-collection

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