Restaurant Silbervogel (Silverbird)


When I passed by this location for the first time I was thinking I was daydreaming!

When I passed by this location for the first time I was thinking I was daydreaming!
An original big airplane standing besides a street on a parking lot with some stairs inviting everybody to get inside…..

I did some research about this object and found out that this plane is a Vickers 814 Viscount which did their first flight in 1948. Four Rolls Royce Engines lift her up in the sky and people always said that it´s one of the most convenient and comfortable planes at this time.

In 1971, the airplane was retiring and was transported on a 12 hours trip from Hamburg close to Hannover where it becomes a restaurant. In the year 2002 they changed the location and put it right in the city of Hannover (not in the city centre but easy to reach by subway).

Now 56 people can take a seat in the plane and enjoy a nice evening or just get a coffee and some cake…. As I checked the website, I found out it seems also nice to go there in the evening and take some pics…

Check it out:

written by eyecon on 2008-12-30 #places #restaurant #airplane #location #fed-5-b


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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    das ist das ziel einer für freitag angesetzten lomo-safari...!

  2. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Great location!!!

    I´m also a big admirer of old airplanes, nice job ;)

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