Shoot Your Prophecy Winner Diary - Monkeyballs


Last week our three Shoot Your Prophecy prize-winners were in Vienna – Read on to hear the stories and see the photos from our winner from Europe and Africa, Monkeyballs!

Credits: monkeyballs


Flew out at some godawful hour in the morning and arrived in Vienna at midday; transfer to the city by a double deckered train past an enormous factory was exciting. I tried to get some shots but I’m still waiting on getting the film developed. Got to the hotel to find an awesome goodie bag with a Diani Mini, some rolls of film and a Lomo Vienna Guide in a tote bag. Jorge hasn’t arrived yet and Germacia’s gone off to explore Salzburg so I went out to the museums quarter to take some pics. Incredibly hot, should have packed shorts. Didn’t really know what I was doing. After wandering aimlessly and taking lots pictures of doubtful quality I returned to hotel where a strange man calls me over me about the Diana Mini I’m still holding, turns out he’s Wolfgang one the founders of Lomography.

Jorge turned up at nine after being delayed at customs because they thought that the 80 rolls of film in his bag were a bomb. We met Bastian in the hotel lobby for a drink and then went out to meet the Russian winners of a Lomography competition and Sabine. Saw a lot of great cameras including a Smena, apparently they’re cheap as chips in Russia. Also met a graphic designer who threw beer all over me. I liked him.

Then bedtime, despite being only five minutes from the hotel and assuring Bastian we knew the way we managed to get completely lost and had to consult the map several times.

Credits: monkeyballs


Breakfast at the hotel was amazing. Then off to the flea Market with Bastian. Weather odd, heavy rain despite the sun shining. Distinct absence of rainbows but a surprising amount of knives for sale. Saw some great box cameras and an incredibly heavy Russian SLR but I’ve decided to save my money for a Colorsplash.

Went through the Naschmarkt, huge variety of colours and textures and I forgot to take even one photo. We said goodbye to Bastian and went to meet Tomas. Bought an awesome bag of sweets on the way. Tomas took us on a guided tour of Vienna and we saw all the big sights. Very educational and enjoyable despite the heavy downpour and following sunshine.

Then we picked up some pizza for €1 and went to the Donaiinselfest. This was awesome, we hung out by the dance stage and coloursplashed all over the place. Then we saw Portugal, The Man and had some food that tasted of nothing. Then back home to the hotel and we only got slightly lost this time.

Credits: monkeyballs


Free day. Made it to breakfast with only minutes to spare and tried to eat my body weight in eggs. Then off to the centre with Jorge to take pictures and try to find the Lomography store. We didn’t succeed and it would have been closed probably like everything else in Vienna. I didn’t manage to buy an adapter for my phone charger which is completely dead so I am now completely analogue. It is a liberating feeling.

Spent the day experimenting with the Diana Mini half frame option to try and make awesome shapes. Took a lot of the back and front of Jorge’s head. The juxaposition represents how sometimes he was facing me and sometimes he wasn’t.

Then off to the Donueinselfest again. Met Tomas despite getting slightly lost and went to watch Francis International Airport. A band, not the Viennese airport. They had some great light effects but were playing inside a tent. We stuck it out for a while but Tomas felt faint and we left for the FM4 stage where Darwin Deez was playing. Tomas felt too unwell to continue and had to go home which was a shame because Darwin Deez were awesome. They interposed synchronised dancing in between their songs and the crowd went wild for them. Despite the fact that Darwin Deez kept saying that he was at the Doner Pretzelfest.

After them were the Shout Out Louds who were distinctly un-animated but it was a tough gig coming on after Darwin Deez. Going back to the hotel we didn’t get lost at all, feeling like a local.

Credits: monkeyballs


The most exciting day, the trip to Lomography HQ. I worried about oversleeping as I didn’t have an alarm so when I woke I wandered round the hotel trying to work out what the time was. Eventually I found a clock and it was six thirty, so back to bed. At a more acceptable time I met with Jorge and Germacia and headed off to the Lomo HQ. We met up with Bastian and he left us in the capable hands of Christian who took us round and showed us to everyone.

The Lomo HQ is awesome, labyrinthine in nature and every one drinks enormous amounts of coffee. And there are cameras everywhere of course. We saw many things, some secret projects as well but I can’t talk about those. Then we headed off for lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant.

After lunch we went to the heart of Lomography, the lab and archive where we met the mysterious Dr. Lab himself. He was so busy that he had to run everywhere but he found enough time to develop our films for us which was amazing. Plus he was seriously cool and had some great Lomo wall stories.

So much so that I lost track of time slightly and had to run for the plane. The view from the plane as I left of Vienna and the Danube was awesome but I’ve used up all my film. Still I have all my photo’s to console me.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    oh how I would have liked to be there.

  2. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    cool, and nice pictures!

  3. monkeyballs
    monkeyballs ·

    Thanks, and thanks for putting this up Tomas.

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