Easy Guerilla Scanning!


This is a very easy way to scan your negatives! No cutting up shoeboxes, and no windows – just use your computer screen!

When I got my first LC-Wide film developed, I was about as excited as a child on the night before Christmas. Today I discovered that I had one picture on my negatives that the lab forgot to scan. I’m not the most patient person, and I wanted to see it NOW.

But I don’t own a negative scanner, and I also didn’t want to go through the trouble of making this because today I am feeling lazy.
So while I was browsing this site and thinking about that one picture that didn’t get scanned, I suddenly realized that my computer screen itself could serve as a lightbox, instead of a window.

Open a new file in Photoshop and make sure the background is white.
Place your negative in front of it and take a picture, then invert it in Photoshop.

negative on screen:


As you can see, the little squares from the screen appear in the image, which is a cool effect! But if it is not what you want right now, you can take some tracing paper, put it on the screen, then put your negative on the screen and voila!

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  1. hewzay
    hewzay ·

    Great idea...I've tried doing it on windows or with lamps in the background but this is way better!

  2. stratski
    stratski ·

    Wasn't this a tipster before? I have read this tip a while ago going to the archives, or maybe it was at a different site... Anyway, good to have it into the limelight again, I like the technique. It's a nice way to get a quick look at your pictures, and give them a semi/antique look (see my album www.lomography.com/homes/stratski/albums/1670564-neative-to…), I don't really like how color film turns out though, a bit too blue and washed out to my taste.

    Extra tip: use the GIMP, it's free.

  3. dr_gonzo
    dr_gonzo ·

    i did thist before but i didn't take a photo, i just held the scanner in front of the monitor. just need a calm hand ;)

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