The Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens

The super-wide lens for Diana+ increases the space in your pictures, allows you to see more and creates interesting effects in the borders.

Explaining the Diana+ 38mm Super -Wide Lens is quite easy, the pictures keep having the same size, but you capture more things. One way for understand it is with the following pictures which were taken from the same distance (an arm), but with two different lenses.

With the normal lens, the faces occupy the whole square and there is not space for the background landscape, for example:

Picture taken with the 55mm lens

Whereas with the super-wide lens, apart from seeing more body you can also see what happens in the background:

Picture taken with the 38mm super-wide lens

Following this logic, the super-wide lens is perfect for capturing not only an object or a person, but also what is around them.

You can obtain funny results when the object is too close, because the nearest parts to the borders become a little bit distorted.

But as always in life…there is a con… you must be careful with the viewer because it can mislead you when you are framing your picture. Let me explain, when you look through the viewer you might tend to put down the camera and therefore it is not vertical anymore. It is not a great issue as it is a super-wide lens, but most of the picture will be occupy by the floor… It is easy to avoid, just stop looking through the viewer and shot from the hip!

From my point of view this is an improvement for the Diana F+, before having it most of my pictures where lacking of space and this lens is exactly what it gives to the pictures… Besides the “curve” effect that appears in the borders of the photo. Thanks to this lens now I am a big super-wide fan. And the next camera, that I will get, will have it!

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