The Twin Lens Yashica 124G


The Yashica MAT 124G Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera is a fairly new TLR camera (made from 1970-1986). The lens on the camera produces stunning results and the convenience of a coupled needle-meter makes it a joy to use. It accepts both 120 and 220 film for 6×6 shots, so you get 12 or 24 shots on a roll of medium format film. G model has a all-black finish and gold-plated electrical contacts.

The Yashica Mat-124 G Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera was produced from 1970 till 1986 and was the last TLR produced by Yashica. The 124G has a four-element, 80mm F3.5 Yashinon taking lens, which is the best version of lenses for Yashica TLRs. Focusing is achieved via a ground glass screen from the taking lens and it has a diopter loupe for critical focusing, as well as a sports finder. The Copal shutter used in the camera features speeds B, 1 to 1/500 sec. The G model (Yashica 124G in comparison to Yashica 124)has a all-black finish and gold-plated electrical contacts.

Yashica 124G has the ability to use both 120 and 220 film. The selection of film is achieved via depressing the pressure plate and switching the wording to either 12 or 24 exp. This switch is linked to the camera film advance mechanism and thus the camera will advance the film and stop at its rated frame number. It has a built in CDS light meter which is operated via a PX625 mercury battery. My 124G is always loaded with a 1.5V LR44 battery, and discrepancies in light meter reading is only obvious for high speed film at bright lighting condition. Suitable air-zinc replacements and adapters for modern alkaline or silver oxide batteries may be obtained at camera stores and on the internet. In addition, the handy light meter readout is a needle in a glass panel readout which also shows the current shutter speed/aperture combination and their projected light value. This make it extremely convenient for user to set the right aperture and shutter speed by simply lining up bother needles from the meter and the exposure settings.


The Yashica 124G TLR is a joy to use. When I bring it out for shoot, the public always look on in awe of such beautiful camera, although they’ve no idea how much good the images will be. Although the lens is not as impressive as the Planars and Xenotars on the Rolleiflexes, personally I feel the Yashinon lenses produces good enough images for my liking. Currently, the 124G are priced very reasonably in comparison to Rolleiflexes. So before the prices go up due to collector’s interest, try laying your hand on one!

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  1. franty
    franty ·

    it's on my "cameras to buy list" now, thanks to this review!

  2. mikailus
    mikailus ·

    I got one! :D

  3. phalanx
    phalanx ·

    I got mine one week ago and love it! nice review though.
    Btw, if you own a LC-A+ cable release, you might find it interesting that it works perfectly with the Yaschica Mat-124G :)

  4. renenob
    renenob ·

    This is my dream camera!

  5. dustylens
    dustylens ·

    Mine just arrived. A friend lent me one in the late 90s and I've wanted one ever since. Now I need a battery.

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