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Meet our 7 new upcoming Lomo Amigos – the Foam Lab team. They experiment for Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam and organize refreshing events through the year. Read the recap of their first event Coup and discover a lot more.

Let us introduce – Eelke, Erik, Fenna, Hugo, Jerry, Liset & Rosa a.k.a. Foam Lab. A group of young photography-fanatics who will organize exciting events through the year at Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam. The Foamlabbers are really into Lomography and therefore we are proud to team up with Foam Lab as our newest Lomo Amigos! Every month until the end of 2011 we will present one Foamlabber as Lomo Amigo. Besides that we will also keep you posted on their events through our news section. Their first event took place on the 8th of June and was called Coup.

A Foam Lab Lunch

The first Foam Lab event was a 24 hour takeover of Antiphotojournalism. With the help of selected photographers, journalists, artists and musicians, the Foamlabbers gave their own spin to this exhibition.

Rosa and Jerry welcome you to Coup

During Coup the band The Secret Love Parade played music inspired on The Funeral Train, street-artist Sander Polderman made drawings on the wall, Joost Stokhof gave a workshop on how to make newspaper collages and there were many more exciting interventions. Thijs Maas sang a protest song and visitors were asked direct questions about the boundaries of photojournalism. All reactions were captured at Lomography instant photos. The day started with breakfast by Hans Aarsman, followed by exclusive tours by Dirk-Jan Visser, Chris de Bode and GUP Magazine chief-editor Eric Vroons. We ended the day dancing with dj’s Future Vintage, The Heykids and HOMEWORK.

Breakfast with Hans Aarsman
Intervention by Sander Polderman

Foam Lab wants to meet young photography lovers through different channels and events. Not only in Amsterdam during the Foam Lab events, but also through the available online channels. For example, they organize an online Safari where lomographers and other (amateur)photographers are challenged to take pictures. The next event will focus on the relationship between museums and social networks. Foam Lab ask their selves: “Why do we spent hours a day online instead of visiting a museum?”. Everybody is invited to visit Flickr Op: Foam is your social network on the 26th of August to meet the Foamlabbers. This event takes place during Anton Corbijn’s exhibition Inwards and Onwards and the tickets to Flickr Op: Foam is your social network are €5.

For more information about Foam Lab you can check their website, LomoHome and follow them via Facebook and Twitter.

Last but not least – check out this instant photo collection taken at the Coup event.

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