Getting a Little Bit Closer with Diana


In which our hero attempts to devise a machine to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time, so as to peer more closely at the subjects he shoots. Or: holding a close-up filter in front of the Diana Mini to close the minimum focal distance gap.

While perusing a way to attach gel filters to the lens of my Diana Mini (which I found no help on, so I did it myself and submitted a tipster last month), I stumbled upon this discussion.

I’d bookmarked the page since, at the time, I didn’t have a close-up filter. However, after doing some work for a friend I received a Minolta XG-M kit as a gift and lo-and-behold it came with close-up filters!

55mm +4, let’s go.

What you’ll need:

Diana Mini or your camera of choice.

I’d say at least +4. Less than that doesn’t get you as close. They’re easily found for a reasonable price on eBay and Amazon.

Wrist apparel optional – I like mine, though.

And this is how they all work together:

As per the discussion mentioned above, I set the Diana Mini to her .6m focal setting. Now, the gentleman in the replies mentions he holds his +4 at ~8 inches from the subject. I was a bit leery about just taking someone else’s word (another reason I did the experiment for myself), so rather than just guess I decided to peer through the filter, and when it was in focus I figured that to be my distance. This ranged between 4 and 8 inches.

“Engineer, conversions please!”

The Diana Mini ’s minimum focusing distance is 60cm. 4 inches is about 10cm, and 8 inches is about 20cm.

“Recalibrating for metric, checking the wind, carry the one…”

This gains the user about 40-50cm, allowing him or her to be intensely close to the thing… or him or her.

With that said, let’s unveil the results :

Note that some turned out better than others. It’s a bit difficult to stay completely still and not wobble in or out some. Also, the use of a flash with a blue filter (I suppose any flash and any filter would do… However, I’m partial to blue) really adds a nice effect. They were all taken with the hot shoe adapter and a Vivitar 2800 (came with aforementioned Minolta kit). Angle was set to 45 degrees. The quad of bottles is my little secret.

So, with that, my question for you is: How close can you get? (I presume this technique will work for any camera. Frankly, I’d like to get my hands on a +10.) Let’s see what you’ve got!

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