My Trusty Colorsplash Flash Chakra


When I first bought my first Lomo LC-A+ in 2008. I bought it together with this amazing powerful flash, Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition. Since then, my world is COLORFUL!!!

What more can I say? My LC-A+ and the Colorsplash Flash Chakra, they’re like best buddies! They’re like Batman and Robin. Yeah, that Bromance relationship!

To show how powerful this combination is, let me show how they collaborate and successfully color my world.

Yellow! (again)
Light Blue

I also love to pair this flash with my lovely Fisheye No.2

and La Sardina too, of course!

And I forgot to mention, the design of the Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition is very cool! I know Lomography teamed up with Staple Design to build this amazing compact flash. So If you love Staple Design and you’re a Die-Hard Analogue Head, Why not treat yourself by using this flash? It will color your world forever!

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  1. irufan7
    irufan7 ·

    great gallery n review. now i want one for my ol LC-A

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    I had my colorsplash with my first LC-A in 2007, and since then, even if it's a bit covered by tape to hold it together, the colorsplash still works well and never leaves me! :)

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