2010 Urban Simple Life at Huashan1914 Creative Park, Taipei

Waving farewell to my beloved friends and the beautiful place of Kenting, I started my journey all alone for the “Simple Life”…

My journey started early morning in Kenting. After 5 hours of transportation and a quick lunch on the train, I finally arrived at Taipei.

I felt so excited while I was walking from Shandao Temple Station to Huashan1914 Creative Park. That’s what I was going for in Taipei this time, the 3rd Simple Life Festival!

Huashan1914 Creative Park was formerly a wine factory called “芳釀社” that was built in 1914. Originally famous for their sake and then rice wine and fruit wine later on, the wine factory was finally demolished in 1987. Sometime after that, a group of enthusiastic artists restored the abandoned wine factory into a cultural park, which was responsible for the development of the creative industry, providing venues for local artists to exhibit their artworks and at the same time, being the platform for art-related activities to be held for the general public.

I could see many people queued up outside the park when I was on my way to the venue!

Just sat on the fresh green grass and waited for my long-lost Taiwanese friends…

While watching children playing happily on the grass, my urge to enter the venue and participate in the festival became stronger and stronger!

In the end, my Taiwanese friends arrived! After taking the bracelet, itinerary map, and brochures from the counter at the entrance, we were finally in!

Simple Life Festival is a 2-day festival held every 2 years at Huashan (Taipei). The festival involves 2 main parts: live music gigs and the creative market.

What attracted me most was the live music gigs, as most of my favourite artists were invited to the event. Mainly featuring local indie bands and artists as well as artists of other music categories from all over the world, the dream cast today featured Cheer Chan, Sodagreen, Deserts Xuan Chang, Ze Hwang, Sandee Chan and Lisa Ono. There were 4 stages in the park: the Sky Stage, the Green House Live, the Breeze Stage, and the Streetvoice Stage. There were live gigs and mini concerts running nonstop on different stages from noon ’til the evening, and audiences could just move around freely and watch the music gigs as they desired.

Feeling so relaxed and pleasant to sit on the grass, listening to great music with beloved friends!

Feeling a bit bored after sitting for so long? Just take a walk at the creative market! There were stalls selling products from local creative brands including self-designed clothes and bags or wool felt handcraft, and besides that, there were stalls where you could play tarot and consult the chiromancer. You can just get whatever you want when wandering around the stalls in the creative market! Just a quick reminder, vouchers offering various discounts attached in the brochure can be used in the market!

It was time to leave the market and back to the stage again. Sitting by the tree, enjoying music in a peaceful atmosphere accompanying sounds from mother nature, that’s the simple life I’ve been longing for!

We are beautiful. When we have freedom and trust ourselves. Gathering and collecting everything beautiful around us and sharing with others are the main spirits of “Simple Life”. Thanks for being able to participate in such a meaningful event; I wholeheartedly feel the wealth in my heart and soul!

Huashan1914 Creative Park
No. 1, Bade Road Sec. 1, Zhong Zhen District, Taipei.

Take Exit 1 of Zhong Xiao Xing Sheng Station or Exit 6 of Shandao Temple Station and walk for 5 minutes.

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