The Diana F+ is in This Season's Love Your Home


The Diana F+ adorns a kitschy DIY shelf, along with other analogue cameras.

Habitat, a home and lifestyle outlet in the Netherlands, is generous enough to release their catalogues online and for free. The theme for this season is New Horizons: The Sea Beckons, highlighting their summer-inspired wares.

But unlike your run of the mill catalogue, Love Your Home, as the online publication is called, offers a range of features fit for a full-fledged magazine. Pages 54-55, for example, are filled with ideas on how to use your traveler sensibilities to decorate your furniture.

On customizing a shelf, Habitat suggests using maps to your favorite destinations to line the insides. The sample shelf in the photo is decked with cameras, all of them analogue. And on the topmost compartment, beside a miniature Eiffel Tower, looking accomplished and well-traveled, is our very own Diana F+.

Thanks to schemerel for the tip. Do you have a tip? Email us! Tips are articles where Lomography or analogue photography are featured.

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    The picture looks cute:)

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