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Sometimes, instant gratification just trumps everything else. But instant photos are normally limited in terms of creativity, since their primary function lies in a one-dimensional plane. I discovered how to up the ante with my Fuji Instax Minii 7s, and mix things up with our favorite technique — Multiple Exposures!

Credits: dearjme

Back in the day of Polaroid’s reign over instant photography, there were a larger range of instant cameras available. Some of them even had a multiple exposure capability, and photographers used them to “pre-shoot” and test out their subjects before using their usual camera. Nowadays, we all know that Fuji’s Instax creations are pretty much the ringleaders in terms of instant photography. Sometimes it saddens me to think about the depleting age of Polaroid, and I’ve always wanted to take part of the Impossible Project. But in the now, here’s the how:

Multiple Exposures:
1. With the back door open, take your first photo.
2. Tip the film cartridge backwards, so that the camera’s mechanisms can’t eject the film.
3. Don’t tip the cartridge ALL the way out, or the film will be exposed to light and turn white.
4. Push the cartridge back in, and shoot your second photo. Voila!

Some things to keep in mind:
1. The flash — set it to a lower setting so your photo doesn’t get washed out.
2. Mix it up using black electrical tape as a splitzer, or make filters for your flash! Since the flash is permanent, might as well take advantage of it.
3. Don’t tip the cartridge out of the camera body, just enough to avoid the ejection of the film.

My point:
1. Play around with your cameras. The Fuji Instax is not supposed to be able to do MX, but with the will of the people, it now does! This is the spirit of Lomography, is it not? Take something, make it your own, and enjoy it.

Credits: dearjme
bq. The Fuji Instax Mini 7S has simple exposure control, automatic built-in flash, and uses credit card-sized Fuji Instax Mini film. And you’re in luck, because this camera is now available in delicious chocolate! Check it out with the rest of our Instant cameras here!

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  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Ahh, this was posted after my actual tipster got posted, because I didn't get a notification that my tipster would be published. Sorry for the duplicate! :)

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Yes, I've read it before, but haven't tried yet...<:)

  3. bubblylicious
    bubblylicious ·

    Thanks for the tip. Will try this on my next pack. :)

  4. bubblylicious
    bubblylicious ·

    So if I want to do MX on your whole film pack, I need to keep the back cover open ALL THE TIME?

  5. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    If you understand the logic and mechanism behind why you're openinng the back cover, then yes, for every shot before your final exposure, the back needs to be open so you can tip out the cartridge and avoid the instax film from being ejected by the camera.
    @wuxiong, try it! :DD

  6. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·


  7. hazriqpedia
    hazriqpedia ·

    video tutorial?

  8. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Haha @hazriqpedia, maybe someday!

  9. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    Well....I've tried it but I failed!!!
    My film got exposed for no reason!!
    If you're okay, please make a video tutorial!!!!!!!
    I need it so much!!!!!Thanks anyway!!!!I like this idea damn much!!!

  10. imogen93
    imogen93 ·

    This broke my camera. I tried to do this and so it doesn't work anymore. I'm really annoyed.

  11. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    @imogen93 -- My apologies for the way your trials turned out! But I've never had a problem doing this, and I've never heard of anyone's camera being broken by it.

  12. nonspecificscientific
    nonspecificscientific ·

    Have to try this!

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