The Lower East SIde, NYC

One of New York’s oldest neighborhoods is now in great danger of being lost altogether.

The Lower East Side used to be one of New York’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods. Just south of the East Village, east of SoHo, and north of Chinatown, it is one of the oldest defined neighborhoods in the city. It has been home to thousands of newly-arrived immigrants from all over the world since the 18th century. At the turn of the century, it was particularly well known for being a Jewish center, with many kosher delis (some of which still exist), synagogues, and Yiddish theaters.

Unfortunately, due to recent gentrification and development, the area has lost much of its original character and cultural heritage. Each day, beautiful historic buildings are in danger of being replaced by architecturally out of place buildings and unsightly condos. In an area that was once known for its cultural diversity, historic tenement housing, and industrious inhabitants, it is now known for its trendy bars and clubs.

Although the area is fading fast, there are still some pretty cool spots to wander around and take pictures. The juxtaposition of the old world and the new (something most lomographers can relate to!) is always an incredible sight. In 2007 the Lower East Side was named one of the Most Endangered Historic Places in America. Definitely worth a visit before it disappears altogether!

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