Riofrío Palace Forest in Segovia, Spain

Escape from Madrid and enjoy a natural treasure in Segovia: “Riofrío Palace Forest”. Disconnect from everything for a day and take many photos.

I have plenty of memories from my childhood in “Riofrio Palace Forest”: My grandpa used to take us there with bags full of bread to feed the deers (too bad those photos are in Caracas and I can’t show them to you). I remember it with such affection that I decided to go there again, this time with some of my cameras, to re-shoot everything. But there was one problem: the hind deers just had their fawns and they were into the forest caring for the little ones, so we saw them in the distance but it was impossible to photograph them.

Anyhow, we took many other beautiful photos and had a lovely walk in a wonderful environment.

I highly recommend this trip if you come to Madrid (just an hour by car) and I give you 3 basic tips:

1.Don’t forget your cameras and film.

2.For lunch, you should go to Segovia to have some “cordero” (yummy lamb). Or go to La Granja to have some “judiones” (big and delicious beans). Or “cochinillo” (little roasted pig) at Torrecaballeros.

3.Go in good company.

If you follow my tips you’ll get a nice day, great photos and a wonderful meal.

written by susielomovitz on 2011-07-28 #places #forest #palace #location #escape #segovia #select-type-of-location #escape-from-the-city #riofrio

Thanks, Danke, Gracias


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