My Best Friend's Wedding

The past year, two of my best friends got married. Of course, I brought my Lomography cameras with me and shot some nice photos.

The sun was shining, a blue sky, nice temperature (well one was too hot), a perfect day for a wedding! Two of my best friends got married and they both got a beautiful day! One of my friends asked me to shoot for her wedding using digital camera, but of course I brought my Lomography cameras as well.

They were both so happy, their faces where shining and sparkling. Both of them got a very traditional wedding, church, and in white (these days it’s not that normal in the Netherlands to get married in a church). Having said that, both of them are German (and studied in the Netherlands), and perhaps in Germany it’s more normal. So for me, it was the first (and second) time I attended a wedding in a church. I believe it was also the first time ever I went inside a church. I think it will give an extra dimension having a church wedding as well, as it’s more emotional. Perhaps also because we had to sing some beautiful songs (I can’t sing, so I just listened :p).

Before I said, it was too hot, the temperature I mean. It was like 30 degrees, and if it’s 30 degrees in the Netherlands, it not good. It’s very humid and it’s hard to breathe; you’d just want to sit down and do nothing. Unfortunately that also happened on that wedding during the day. We all sat and drink a lot of water, so much that the catering did not have enough bottles! In the evening, when a thunderstorm came, we were happy!!! Finally, we could do something!

The cakes where delicious, dinner was great. Well, I didn’t take any party pictures I think that will say enough. I love to party, so I was dancing and dancing the whole night long.

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