Sarawak Cultural Village

Still wondering where to head to during this blissful holiday? Why not come over to Sarawak? You can get lots and lots of stuff over there. Crafts, cheap food, the most stunning and delicious layered cakes and the famous salted terubok fish. But somehow, it won’t be that meaningful if you skip a visit to Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village is a ‘living museum’ located at the foot of Mount Santubong that beholds the secret of Sarawak – it’s multicultural ethnics (Bidayuh, Chinese, Iban, Malays, Melanau, Orang Ulu and Penan). It’s something you can’t afford to miss when you visit Sarawak as you can witness for yourself the lifestyle of different ethnic – what they do for their life, how do they live and what’s their handicraft.

How To Get There?
There’s no public transport to the Cultural Village, but a shuttle bus leaves the Holiday Inn Kuching at 9am and 12.30pm, returning at 1.45pm and 5.30pm. Alternatively, you could charter a taxi for the day or hire a car. The road connection is excellent and the directions are easy.

What’s The Fee?
It will cost you RM30 for children and RM60 for adult. However, if you’re going in as a group and you’re under a tourist guide, the fee will drop to a smaller amount. But don’t be bothered about paying the fee as it’s completely worth every cent of your money. Seriously.

As you step inside, you’ll be amazed by the scenery. The calmness of it’s surroundings, the beautiful Mount Santubong and the rather extraordinary house of each ethnic group that made Sarawak such a magnificent place. Each ethnic group will serve you according to their tradition, they’ll dress up in their traditional attire and perform traditional dances or sing according to their custom.

It’s not my intention to talk much, let the pictures tell the story as I’m not intended to spoil the thrill:

Credits: analogmonolog

Don’t miss the traditional dance performed by all the ethnic tribes that have different messages behind them. The show was performed twice a day at 11:30am/4pm. So it’s best that you drop by around an hour and a half to have a look around the village and then enjoy the show. Seriously you’ll love the dance, the dancers, and the colours.

Credits: analogmonolog

So don’t miss a visit to the awesome Sarawak Cultural Village if you have the chance to visit Sarawak one day. Hope you’ll have a wonderful time there.

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