Subotica, My Town in Serbia

The City Hall – A Masterpiece of Art Nouveau in Subotica, Serbia.

The City Hall of Subotica is its largest and, according to many, its most beautiful building. It was built within two years, from 1908 ’til 1910. However, it took two more years to decorate its interiors. The building was designed by Marcell Komor (1868-1944) and Dezső Jakab (1864-1932), two architects from Budapest in the fashionable and modern style of the times: Hungarian Art Nouveau. Most of the decorations are dominated by stylized flower patterns. The City Hall is a harmonious blend of arts and crafts. With an overall height of 76m and the observation deck terrace at 45,5m with 105,08m in length and 55,56m of width, it covers a surface of 5838m².

The City Hall is the largest and probably the most beautiful building in Subotica, built in art nouveau style in 1910, according to the design of Dezső Jakab and Komor Marcell, architects from Budapest. It is 76m high and covers an area of 5838 m². It hosts city administration, the museum, the historical archives, boutiques and banks.

The City Library located at the center of the city, with two telamons at its forefront, supporting the baroque balcony. It was built in neo-baroque style in 1897, and was designed by Ferenc Raichle. Originally, it was a city casino. Nowadays, it is a rich library with over 280,000 books.

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