A Press Kit Inside a Camera!

A Dutch furniture design company released an analogue gem of a press kit.

Instead of the usual glossy, De Vorm, a company that creates eco-friendly and durable furniture, had their press kits embedded in plastic toy cameras.

Except the cameras aren’t really cameras – they’re old school View-Masters! With the help of the original makers of the stereogram viewing device, Plastiskop, each press kit is comprised of several slides that feature De Vorm’s most recent collection, loaded in the Photoapparat model.

Photos via notcot.com

The folks at De Vorm must have had trouble choosing from Plastiskop’s analogue array of View-Master models. Apart from the Photoapparat, the German company also offers stereoscopes in vintage TV, binoculars and quaint villa-shaped plastic bodies. The renewed popularity of analogue photography probably had to do with their decision.

Oh and, we caught wind that visitors to De Vorm’s showroom were initially baffled by the “free” cameras. Although plastic cameras are known to be inexpensive, giving them away seemed too much. That is, until they tried to shoot pictures but instead saw the press kit materials flick at every click.

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