Going Wide with the LC-A+


So, you have seen the awesome capabilities of the LC-W but just can’t afford one yet ,and anyway, you already have a fantastic LC-A+ that you love to bits. Then the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens is exactly what you need in your arsenal.

The LC-A+ has to be one of the best Lomography cameras ever made. It’s compact and light, easy to use, and produces fantastic images thanks to its Minitar 1 lens. Well Imagine taking that 32mm lens and converting it into 20mm, what do you get? A stunning 120˚ view, and even more seductive vignettes.

I took the two images below from the same spot. You can see just what a difference the wide angle makes.

The LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens is also super easy to attach and remove making it very practical, after all not every shot needs to be wide. It also gives you a chance to get really close to your subject. The minimum focal distance on the LC-A+ is 0.8m but with the wide angle lens attached it becomes 0.35m and to help you learn just how close that is you get a handy tape measure attached to the lens cap!

The LC-A+ Wide Angle lens is the best accessory to the LC-A+ without question in my opinion. The only down side is that with it attached, my LC-A+ wont fit in my Hipshot bag. Lucky for me though both the lens and its hotshoe viewfinder fit perfectly into the Hipshot’s accessory pouch, it just means that I have to take it off before putting it away.

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    The wide-angle converter has been on my wishlist for a while. Personally, I think an LC-A+ with the wide-angle converter is more useful than the LC-Wide. Nice pics. Nice article.

  2. craigramsden
    craigramsden ·

    Thanks. I'm glad you like it :)

  3. wzzk
    wzzk ·

    Thanks for the article. The two images from the same spot explains everything.
    Is it also compatible with the LC-A ? . I would like to buy one.

  4. craigramsden
    craigramsden ·

    Im afraid it wouldn't fit on the LC-A as the LC-A doesn't have the slots that the Wide Angle holds on to :( The LC-A+ has two groves either side of the lens that the wide angle and the Splitzer slide on to, this hold them in place against the camera.

  5. lomo__lurv
    lomo__lurv ·

    I am also loving my wide angle lens!! LC-Wide? Bah~

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