Lomo LC-A+ Models a Stylish Camera Strap

Lomography’s iconic LC-A+ camera can be seen sitting prettily with a stylish strap reminiscent of classic Chanel bag chains.

Photo via theblock-mag.com

An icon for an icon, the LC-A+ and the evidently Chanel-inspired camera strap look like the perfect match.

Our camera’s new friend was designed by three creative parties, namely former Teen Vogue accessories editor Sarah Frances Kuhn, New York boutique End of Century, and jewelry designer Angela Barrow. The exclusive line is for sale on Kuhn’s website.

Photo via theblock-mag.com

Made of oxidized silver chains and fabric cords, Kuhn recommends the straps for lighter-weight cameras, including another Lomography icon, the Diana.

For camera accessories especially designed for your Lomo cameras, visit the shop.

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