LomoPeople: Seniya, My Best Friend


She just inspires me to capture every moment, with her portrait and behaviors. My friend, Seniya,is my most important Lomo Person.

When I was in primary four, a new girl joined my class during the second semester. As I was sitting next to her, I was asked to help her get used to the new environment. We hit it off instantly. Eight years have passed. Now, we have become the best of friends.

Ever since she came into my life, she brought me lots of happiness and laughter, her smiling face always making me happy. We usually meet at least once in a week, spending our time playing Guitar Hero. I have to admit that she is better than me. We also enjoy visiting art museums and watch films.

I have thousands photos of her and I usually use my Canon AE-1 to capture her and she uses her Fisheye 2 to capture me, and she enjoys capturing me while I talk or smile.

I really treasure this friendship and hope that it will last forever.

written by marchingbands on 2011-07-22 #lifestyle #best-friend #friend #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #lomo-people

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