Diana F+ VS. Holga (The Second Round)


In the first round, Diana F+ won the battle against the Holga. What about the second round between?

Holga: I lost the previous round but I think I can do better! Let’s compete on our masks this round. I have two different masks for different sizes of photos!

Diana F+: Oh really? I have those too. I have two masks as well!

Holga: One of my masks can shoot 12 exposures in 6×6 format. Another mask can shoot 16 exposures in 6×4.5 format. Can you do that?

Holga shots,6 x 4.5 cm format shot by jeansman
Holga shots,6 x 6 cm format shot by dannyedwards

Diana F+: My masks can shoot 12 exposures in 5.2×5.2 format, and also 16 exposures in 4.2×4.2 format. Our number of exposures may be the same, but my shots are all square frames!

Diana shots, all are square frames,shot by susielomovitz

Holga: There’s more fun when you have more choices! Mine can take both square and rectangular frames. I have better variability.

Diana F+: But since we’re using 120mm films, most of them are square frames. And the number of square frames I can have on one 120mm film is more than yours!

So, in terms of variability and choices, Holga is the winner. But in terms of number of square frames, Diana F+ is the winner.

All in all, it’s a draw for this round.

written by la_mala on 2011-07-06 #gear #review #lomo #lomography #holga #comparison #diana-f #film-camera #user-review
translated by yapfl


  1. levia
    levia ·

    Ohh great review! anyway now i love my Diana F+

    Holga is best too ^^

  2. sundewara
    sundewara ·

    When the two starts talking about how much damage they have done to their owner's wallet I guess I know who's the winner then..

  3. nock
    nock ·

    it isn't 120mm film. It's 120 film only, just like 135 film... 135 isn't 135mm it's 35mm!

  4. yawn
    yawn ·

    beautiful pictures!

  5. guypas
    guypas ·

    holga and diana pretty the same thing.

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