Kodak Elitechrome ED (35mm, 200 ISO)


The Kodak Elite Chrome ED is my absolute favorite film. It has incredible contrasts and delicious colors.

With its 200 ISO, the Kodak Elite Chrome ED is superbly all-rounded, capable and adaptive to any situation. It has a very coarse grain and super bright colors. I thought it would be the same as the Kodak Elitechrome EB, but I thought wrongly.

The colors are predominantly blue and green. That neon yellow looks really toxic. The film is not only for daytime but also nighttime and is not afraid of bold colors.

The motifs are often scary after developed. A strange atmosphere reigns with the garish colors. The lips of people and the skin looks incredibly strange, especially.

written by abcdefuck on 2011-07-19 #gear #blue #35mm #review #green #neon #200-iso #lomography #super-sampler #xpro #cross-process #ed #user-review #elitechrome-kodak #lc-a-lc-a
translated by jcyx243


  1. chethong
    chethong ·

    nice atmosphere to the photos; I especially like number 8!

  2. mizz_eva
    mizz_eva ·

    I love all your pictures!!!

  3. qaisa
    qaisa ·

    love the special colour

  4. jetnz81
    jetnz81 ·

    Greenish :)

  5. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Beautiful photos.

  6. z
    z ·

    I just finished a roll of this and now i'm even more excited to see the results!

  7. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    I couldn't choose between try this elitechrome or keep searching the other models... but, after seing this, I'm decided to buy it! Green: you'll be mine!!

  8. vlinder
    vlinder ·

    Was something done in the processing of the film to produce the green or does it just do that on its own depending on the light in the environment??

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