Yashica Half 17


A fantastic bright and simple half-frame camera. It is a bit heavy, but still fine for snapshots.

Credits: abcdefuck

My first half-frame camera. I found it last year at the flea market. This camera is simply so good, I highly recommend it. With an aperture of up to 1.7 it can even be used in low light conditions. The automatic exposure is very reliable and has never let me down.

Credits: abcdefuck

The camera has a great viewfinder, which helps if you want to make a quick snapshot. What it lacks is a better adjustability for night shots. While you can adjust the aperture, there is no way to adjust the shutter speed manually. Another annoying thing is that it is very heavy, despite its small size, like maybe the weight of two or three LC-A cameras.

What wows me is that the camera has a cable release socket, and a self timer. This makes it even more attractive as a compact camera.

Credits: abcdefuck

For beginners and those who want to get more out of their film (the half-format brings you 72 pictures on a 36mm film), the camera is highly recommended. It requires no specific advance knowledge, and you can easily snap photos.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    i love half frame cameras! cool gallery @abcdefuck

  2. clausmith
    clausmith ·

    Nice review! After reading, I searched a little bit here and ended up finding this camera. It cost me something around $15... Now I need to start some film.

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