Kawaii Vintage Camera Knick-Knacks


Elusive Japansese brand, Decole, makes vintage camera knick-knacks that are nothing short of cute – or should I say, Kawaii!

For the curious, Japan’s cute culture emerged in the 1970s when Japanese girls began writing using mechanical pencils. The strokes they would make were very fine, as opposed to the thick lines of traditional Japanese writing. They would also add facial drawings, which we know today as “smileys,” to their notes. The cuteness then permeated every facet of their culture, including areas that typically require a certain degree of sternness such as public signage.

Moving on, under Decole’s Papeterie Poulain line are all sorts of vintage-inspired pieces that are both decorative and practical. Try to spot the camera-shaped tape dispenser, photo holders and key hooks on their just-as-quaint display shelf:

Photo via Decole

They also have these adorable pouches you can simply adore, or store your cards in:

Photo via Decole

And other useful items that would make your vintage souls spin:

Photo via Decole

What they don’t have are all-purpose camera-themed pin-back buttons. Luckily, we’ve got those cute little things in the shop!

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