Sun Lee Siew Loo & Her Customized Sprocket Rocket White!

Using unique pen and ink drawing techniques, illustrator Sun Lee Siew Loo draws inspiration from evolution, space, patterns, and nature. Sun is passionate with illustrations and her amazing art work is now on Lomography Sprocket Rocket White.

Name : Sun Lee Siew Loo
Country : Singapore

Could you talk a little bit about yourself and about what you do? And if the fun is also a part of your work?
I’m a graphic, illustrator and photographer based in Singapore. I started illustration in early 2009 using unique pen and ink drawing techniques. Although fun may not be ultimate work objective for all people however I feel that it is a conduit for creativity. When we are having fun, we are tapping into our creative brain and that is incredibly powerful for innovation.

How long have you been a Lomographer or are you new to this whole thing?
I found out Lomography in 2010 but I’m totally new in using this Sprocket Rocket for exactly 1 week (laughs). But it’s really an awesome experience for me to play with it! Once you get hold of it, you’ll definitely love it.

The Sprocket Rocket Camera customized by you is so cool. Where do you find your inspiration?
I’m into line drawings so basically I wasn’t really thinking much when I started customizing this camera. All I do is to go with the flow and with the mood.

Can you share with us how Sprocket Rocket White Customization was born?

Check out my blog or the making of video below :

When did you find your passion at illustrating & choose it as your professional?
I became interested in illustration 2 years ago when I started reading a few illustration magazines. I found it very interesting and invested a lot of my time doodling and exploring my own personal style. And slowly incorporates my illustrations into my work and that’s how I ended up in illustration, and I love it.

If your shots had a soundtrack what would it be? (three songs, artist and title please)

If you were given a bag full of film and the chance to travel anywhere with your Lomographic camera , where will you go and why?
I would like to visit South Korea for it’s famous historical tourist attractions to experience both classical and modern aspects of Korean culture also participate in their famous festivals like Boryeong Mud Festival and a visit to Nami island as well! I’m sure I will be back with a lot of interesting shots over there.

Who would you want to take a picture of?
I don’t have anyone specifically. But I love taking candid shots of people!

What is the most important thing in your life?
I can say health is the most important thing as it’s one of the things that money cannot buy. So when you have healthy life, you able to do things you like!

Tell us something about you’ve been doing lately, like your latest art project.
I’m currently working on an illustration for a newspaper cover page and a vinyl toy customization project soon. ( Excited! )

What words of advice can you give other Lomographers?
Keep on shooting, you will be surprise with the results that you never noticed and most importantly, shoot with a smile!

Thank you!

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