Kodak Brownie


I made a video on how to load 127 mm film into a Kodak Brownie, for those lucky bastards that can get their hands on some expired film!

Right now, 127mm film is one of the rarest analogue products out there in the market. It’s such a pity that because of this scarcity, we can’t use our classic Kodak Brownies! But if you’re one of the lucky few to get your mitts on a couple of rolls, here’s a short video on how to load it in!

written by saskiaboer on 2011-08-14 #gear #tutorials #camera #tutorial #tipster #how-to-load-127-mm-film-into-a-kodak-brownie


  1. blu132
    blu132 ·

    In germany the Video doesn't work because of UMG Music... can you load up another video without the Music?

  2. woosang
    woosang ·

    Um, 127 film is currently made by efke, Adox and rollei even makes a new slide film in this size. It's easy to get in Europe and the states, a little pricier for me in Australia but still able to be sourced

  3. woosang
    woosang ·

    Oh!! And kodak makes a 100ft 46mm roll too but that is $80 per 100ft

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