Diana F+ Spotted as the Secret Star at Strauss Innovation

I was driving home with the tram from picking up my last film and…

Just as I was getting all the missing stuff for our upcoming festival weekend, there she was, the Diana F+, on the big sales promotion of Strauss Innovation. The page was not intentionally about her, but all the same she caught my attention and upstaged the advertised clothes.

Here she is, also on their online shop:

The text says “Bitte lächeln!” which translates to “Say cheese!”

Strauss Innovation is a big retail company in Denmark. Founded in 1902 by Mary and Henry Strauss, it has been around for over 100 years. They initially peddled haberdashery, linen and woolen goods before becoming a full-blown lifestyle outlet.

written by feedmetotheforest on 2011-06-30 #news #shop #press #lomography #diana-f #news #advertisment #strauss-innovation

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