Fed 2 Rangefinder For a Live Concert


with f/2.8 + 1/25 – bulb capacity, i was surprised on how versatile + useful a rangefinder, a fed 2 mind you, could be when it comes to capturing dark, important + historical moments such as these concert where from placebo to the relatively unknown kate miller-heidke played with a majestic backdrop of angkor wat.

i just recently got hooked to rangefinders. just because it’s lightweight + ease as opposed to the boring [yes, i wrote b o r i n g!] dslr. not that i own one of those, but i was looking for a more alternative but dependable armory to shoot with. i read reviews about them + of course, interested in owning either a leica or a contax [analog only!], but ending up buying fed 2 + kiev 4a instead. a decision i would never regret.

there was two reason for this:
1. price, as leica was out of the picture [even their analog second hand cameras are still pricey] i stumbled to fed 2, their exact copy with a significantly less price. read a little further + i met kiev 4, whose role model was contax in the making. looked here + there, i found someone who was willing to sell those two cameras as a reasonable-priced package. perfect.

2. lc-a was, + still is my first love. i got it with a discount price [since i was working for the store!] + back in the days where lc-a + was still on the drawing table. i never got bored shooting with it [pissed off with the result +/or the shop who develops the films is another case!] it’s a big plus, since i used to take pix with a nikon slr + a fujica vintage slr soon after. i think i would never get used to digital slrs, only pocket cameras make sense to do the digital crossover.

as i just moved recently to phnom penh, i only travels with the cameras that are the most handy: my beloved lc-a + fed 2 [also a nikon digital pocket camera for making office reports of course, don’t blame me for that!] as for my recently bought kiev 4a, a dearest friend of mine borrowed it for a little while. this is when a surprise came: there would be a historical concert happening. it’s a lottery based closed free concert for 1ooo audience supporting the cause to end human trafficking + exploitation. sounds good enough? hear who would headlining: duncan sheik, the click five [who?], kate miller-heidke [double-who?] + the most important of all: placebo. hearing this, there’s no other way, me + my girlfriend [who was a die-hard placebo fan] just had got to be there. how? using our media relations of course. we went there as a press couple.

now, to the interesting part, what makes me championed fed 2 [+ it’s lc-a counterpart]? because it clearly wins in a certain term against all of the other top professional photographers [with their god forbid dslrs!] in the concert. it’s not speed [since they have this rapid mode went on + on + on], not the amount of pictures taken [again… rapid mode + this is an analog with winding + rewinding film needed!], but because it’s quality + flexibility.

it’s so nice to travel with such a lightweight, no-space-needed camera, no cameras + just laugh when your fellow photographers got booed at because one of his telelenses blocking the audience view, or when one can just preset the camera, take position, focus, + snap [with f/2.8 + asa 4oo would do it most of the time for fed 2, + making f/2.8 with infinite distance most of the time would also with lc-a, or simpler put a small cheap flash on its hotshoe!] most of the frames i took, delivered great result.

it’s the man behind the camera you said? tQ, but it’s what in front of you that lets you do the things you do, i must reply. are the editors of the magazine i took these pix for satisfied? i don’t know, but they used a selection of them + it’s their loss if they don’t see the beauty offered.

piece out from the surprisingly breezy cambodia,

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  1. simon-hedge
    simon-hedge ·

    First time I've heard the FED called 'lightweight'. Mine weighs more than a house brick lol!

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