Essential Tips for Street Snap Shooting with the Diana and Smena 8


Whether you’re on holiday in a never seen before city or you’re just enjoying a pleasant stroll in you home town, taking your analogue camera with you is an absolute must! You never know when the perfect scenery catches your eye, so it’s best to always be prepared.

I own a Diana F+ and a Smena8. Every day, no matter where I go, I always have at least one of them with me. Most of the time the Diana F+ is my companion, because I love the wide angle effect on my pictures. I always use my Diana with the 35mm Back and the 20mm Fisheye Lens, so framing my shots can be a bit tricky. You can read why here and here. With the Smena8 taking the shot doesn’t require that much time as the viewfinder is accurate.

Another reason why I carry most of the time only one camera with me is lack of space in my bag. Ordinary bags can be a bit tricky to use when it comes to safely carrying analogue cameras especially if you do not have a camera case. So if you are serious about street snap shooting consider buying a Lomography Bag.

Another important aspect to consider are the types of lenses to use. When it comes to street shots, I prefer wide angle lenses as they give an artistic feel to my photographs, greater depth and view. However, there are times when I do feel the need to use a normal lens: when shooting black and white film or when taking photos of places with old buildings. So it’s a good idea to take if not two different cameras, at least 2 types of lenses with you! You never know what can pop up!

1: Wide angle effect; 2,3,4: Regular lens

When it comes to the best film for street snap shooting, I will say that 100iso film is the best choice if you want great clarity and detail in you photos. Good quality 100iso films like the Fujifilm Astia, or the Kodak T-Max will deliver great shots even in lower lighting conditions if used with patience (with a tripod using a lower aperture setting and a longer exposure time). If you feel these types of film are too expensive for you, then any 200iso film will do just fine.

1:Kodak T-max 100; 2: Fujifilm Astia 100; 3: Kodak ColorPlus 200

Street snap shooting with the Diana F+ with 35mm Back and 20mm Fisheye Lens

  • Try to include in your shots a vertical object (pole, tree, etc.) on the side of your main interest area. The wide angle effect will give your shot a very artistic look.
  • Try to give a depth boost to your shots by also capturing in your shot a closer element apart from main interest area.
  • Use the appropriate focus setting to capture the full details of your interest area.
  • Use the appropriate aperture setting in order to not over or underexpose your shots (when using 100iso film at dusk or in lower lighting conditions, set the aperture to cloudy, the exposure time to Bulb and use a tripod).

Street snap shooting with the Smena8

  • Smena8 can deliver great shots which will impress you with their sharpness especially on sunny days. For best results with your Smena8, use it in good lighting conditions.
  • Use a tripod when shooting in the shade. Otherwise your shots will not be very clear.
  • Use it with black and white film. You will be impressed by the details!

All in all, you will find that these two unique analogue cameras will be the perfect companions on your Lomo adventures on the busy city streets: the Smena8 will impress with its retro look and its classical shots and Diana F+ will be your playful companion that will amaze you with its artistic and colorful shots.

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our “Online Shop”:

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