Korčula: Go Back in Time at Croatia's Dalmatian Coast!


Also known as little Dubrovnik, Korčula is one of Croatia’s hidden treasures. On the west cost of a dalmatian island, a small medieval city rises. Architecture is fascinating, food tastes like Italian food and landscapes are mind blowing, remember to take a coat for the dalmatian strong winds might blow you away as well!

I was having dinner at Split, wondering where to go next, I knew I wanted to visit the islands (Croatia has over 1185 islands!), but I just couldn’t choose one. So I asked the waiter which was his favourite, Korčula – he said. The next day I went to the port, took an Jadrolinija ferry and travelled for two hours. As we reached Korčula’s port I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Korčula has a famous walled old town, which was a small fortress, with beautiful venetian architecture. Lots of details in every building, narrow stone streets and a gothic cathedral with nuns dressed in turquoise. Just a few minutes walking and you realize why the call it “little Dubrovnik”, it’s as beautiful but 10 times smaller!

Korčula is said to be Marco Polo’s birthplace. It was controlled by Venice from the 14th to the 18th century. Food is an Italian legacy, pizza and pasta are the best, wine is excellent and seafood abundant. I loved Doris, a restaurant near the port.

Peak season is from May to August, and it is best to go on this time if the year, the tourist facilities are closed otherwise and you won’t be able, for example, to rent a bike. Plus the summer heat is highly recommended for two reasons: 1) So you won´t suffer the strong winds of the peninsula and 2) To get a chance to swim in the Adriatic’s transparent waters.

I slept at a sailor’s house in this “stari gard” (old city), private accommodations are THE way to travel Croatia. Maro was an excellent host, he had been all around the world, just like Marco Polo. Usually you don’t have to look for locals offering a room, they find you! Where? At the port or bus station. If this is not the case, there’s always a tourist information office or tourist agency near where they arrange private accommodations for you.

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    I love Croatia! Beautiful place!

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    Finally some locations and photos from split... Will upload mine from tomorrow on....

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    Great pictures!

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