Teluk Chempedak Beach, Kuantan

Teluk Chempedak is a famous beach in Kuantan, Pahang. This beach is located just 5km from the city centre. White sandy beach, beautiful rocks, and comforting sea breeze makes this place attractive and special.

Teluk Chempedak is one of the beaches that locals always go to especially during the weekends and after working hours. Locals get to relax and unwind just by feeling the soft touch of sea breeze and listening to the splashing sound of waves.

This beach is definitely a good place to spend some quality time with family and friends. Kite flying during the windy days with children, picnic with friends and building sandcastles with siblings are good ways of bonding.

Teluk Chempedak is suitable for water sport activities like swimming and jet-skiing. However, during the monsoon season from November to March, do be aware of the sea as the waves can be quite rough.

If you like to watch sunrise, Teluk Chempedak is a good spot to admire the view. You will be amazed by the breathtaking scenery.

I like to spend time strolling along the beach. It’s relaxing and calming.

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