Havana by day, Havana by night

When you hear “Havana Nights”, you think Dirty Dancing 2, yes? Me too!

I went to Cuba and experienced my very own Havana Nights at Club Tropicana, I stayed in a hotel and one of the tours was Havana by Day and By Night. If you get the opportunity, it is definitely something that should be on your must-do list. It was incredible, you feel thrown back into the 1950s just before the revolution. You are given rum, food, and cigars on your table. The show wasn’t half bad either. Not sure of the exact price, but depending on how you are travelling, the price may differ.

Make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes and your camera ready because there is so much to take in. I loved the 1950s American cars driving round. Although, the city has seen better days I really felt the country had a very distinct identity and history to it. My favourite part of the trip was walking the streets and soaking in the atmosphere.

written by hayleighjoseph on 2011-07-25 #places #cuba #location #havana #urban-adventures

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