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If you’ve ever been to Halifax on a Saturday you’ve most likely found your way to the farmers market. There have been some big changes over the past year with the move from the cramped Alexander Keiths Brewery location to the new Waterfront Market, but all your favorite vendors are still there and the atmosphere is still electric. The good thing is, it is now open 4 days of the week!

The very first weekend I ever lived in Halifax, I went to the market and had a waffle. Every other weekend that I went to the market I had a waffle. It’s this kind of traditions that have kept the farmers market going since 1750, when the first market was held in Halifax. These days, the huge number of vendors, anything from cheese to cupcakes to candles, pack into the seaport building on the waterfront and the customers flock in, especially on Saturdays to find their favorite organic food and flavors.

A few of my favorite picks:
Waffles, as I mentioned before, nothing soaks up a Friday night out like a waffle with maple syrup and icing sugar. Well, that could just be me but the line to grab one to walk around with is always there year round.

Susie’s Shortbreads – available year round from the farmers market and also at the store on Dresden Row, I credit this place as being the one that made my obsession with cupcakes strong enough to go out and get a tattoo of one. The flavors are wonderful and the one I have here is cotton candy flavored icing. SO GOOD! You can check out Susie’s at http://www.susiesshortbreads.com/

Jewellery by Michelle York – I bought my first of her one-of-a-kind pieces in 2008 at the market and I love that I am still able to get matching pieces from her. The beaded rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and more, twisted with wire and beautifully packaged always make a statement and they are some of the only pieces of jewellery I have that I know if I wear I always get compliments on and then get into conversations with people about the farmers market.

Rawthentic Chocolate – organic as chocolate comes, you know the chocolate that people talk about that is actually good for you, well it comes from these guys.

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  1. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    I'll be in Halifax soon and I'd be sure to check this out! mmm waffles :9

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