I Licked the Bone, Ribs in Halifax

If you like ribs, you’ll like Boneheads. A relatively new restaurant in Halifax, it has been accepted by Haligonians and unlike a lot of unfortunate other restaurants in Halifax that open and close within a year, I think this one is here to stay.

Everything from the Edward the Blues Brother sitting on a skull to the chalk board bathrooms is cool about this place. The large range of choices on the menu for mains and also for sides is enough to get anyone’s mouth watering and they have also just won an award in The Coast’s best food awards.

Open everyday in South end Halifax this locally owned and run restaurant caters to everyone from the many students that live in the area to business dinners. They have a very simply laid out dining area but the soft drinks in glass bottles and locally-brewed beer available will put you in the mood during the quick wait for your food. Then you’ll forget all about what you’re sitting on and try to attack the massive serving that has been put in front of you

Both times that I have been there I got the ‘half slab’ of the delicious baby back ribs and 4 sides to go with it. Despite my incredible sweet tooth, the ‘southern style’ sweet potato fries piled so high and the cornbread so filling will make you so full that you won’t even be able to finish off the chocolate peanut butter pie that your ordered.

A quick trip to the bathroom before you leave is a must with a very inventive way of discouraging graffiti, by encouraging it.

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